About Us

Authentically-curated gift boxes that refine the timeless art of the occasion. 

Bonnie + Bud is inspired by the gifts of love, generosity, and gratitude passed down to us by our grandmother, Bonnie, and our Uncle Bud. They live by the credo that there is great beauty in simplicity and that giving to others is the truest form of southern hospitality.




 By carrying on their tradition of treasuring each occasion in life, we endeavor to curate a collection of gifts that appreciate both the event you share and the relationship you honor. 



Bonnie + Bud is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We strive to support local businesses and appreciate the value behind small batch, handmade goods. You can order a box here. For questions or vendor inquiries please contact us at whitney@bonnieandbud.com.












Our founder, Whitney Holofchak, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where she was surround by a large family. The women in the family instilled in her the values of gratitude and thoughtfulness, which she hopes to capture through Bonnie + Bud. She now lives in Charlotte with her husband and two children, and loves to explore farmers' markets, antique stores and craft fairs for inspiration.