How can I contact you directly?
Call us at (704) 215-4676 or email us at
Where do you deliver?
We deliver in Charlotte, NC and ship within the US. Shipping rates will vary. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii may require additional charges.
How soon do gift boxes ship out?
All orders require a 3-business day turnaround time to deliver in Charlotte, NC or to ship out within the US.
Can you include my friend's favorite wine or whiskey in the box?
At this time, we do not supply wine, beer, or liquor. If you would like to purchase it for us to include with your gift, we would be happy to include.
What is the delivery fee?
Delivery fees are calculated based on total cost of the order.
Are gift boxes customizable?
While each gift box is unique, they are currently not fully customizable.
Do you work with businesses for corporate gift-giving?
Yes! We work with individuals and business on all their custom gift-giving needs.