Gifts: Wrapped and Given by Robin McCoy

Robin’s Rules Of Order help me keep my nest tidy so it’s not surprising that in gift-wrapping, as in most things, I have a uniform. Brown paper packages tied up with strings- a favorite thing! Craft paper is inexpensive, adaptable and surprisingly chic. Twine ties things up and attaches the plain merchandise hangtags in a practical but spiffy way. Unadorned craft paper gift bags and white tissue paper round out my stash. I don’t need a “wrapping center”- a small box does the trick. And the supplies are easily found at office supply and craft stores. Borrow my uniform if you like or find one that suits you better. Just keep it simple.

So the wrapping part is simplified but that still begs the question- what to give? It’s harder to standardize gift purchases as you might other things in your life, especially if your purpose in giving the gift is to please the recipient, not just scratch it off your list.

But what to buy doesn’t have to be an epic decision. If it’s a wedding gift, unless you know the couple intimately, stick to their registry. Choosing your gift early insures the best selection. Sending the couple’s first gift is something that pleases me greatly. Enclosing an engraved calling card is another. Old fashioned? Certainly. But is that so bad?

Baby gifts are another delight. I knit and my favorite projects are small ones. I’ve yet to find a mother-to-be who doesn’t love a wee sweater or tiny hat. Seeing it take shape is so much more satisfying than hauling to the mall and being overwhelmed by the mountain of choices. Make no mistake. Engraved enclosures and hand knits are not for everyone. But everyone can find a few reliable choices that take much of the guesswork and angst out of giving. Tried and true can take many routes.

A route that you should consider is Bonnie & Bud

Their gift boxes guarantee that “scratching it off the list” was not your modus operandi! And a box from Bonnie & Bud will make the person who thinks they have everything, realize they were wrong. Thoughtfully selected gifts. Beautifully boxed. Carefully delivered.   That would be enough but it just scratches the surface. Organic, locally sourced, cottage industry, small batch- these are all descriptors of what makes Bonnie & Bud’s selections noteworthy. The handmade wooden box is a gift in itself. But if you need something for the person who really does have everything, Bonnie & Bud can create a consumable gift. It will be enjoyed twice-once in its consumption and again, in the fact that it’s gone- all except that fabulous box!

There couldn’t be much simpler or lovelier that choosing a Bonnie & Bud gift. Those who put the boxes together are masters of taste and style. Boxes can be customized but the options that they’ve created -baby, new house, love, holiday, just because… are anything but standard. Add a handwritten note of congratulations and salutations and your gift is complete. 

Bonnie & Bud’s newest selection is Peace and Simplicity. The handmade box is filled with consumable treats and a signed copy of Robin’s Rules of Order. Hopefully the treats will be devoured and the book, savored.

One last thought on giving. When the gift is for a specific occasion, be sure it arrives on time. Belated gifts always come with a little unnecessary baggage. You know you’re going to buy the gift eventually. Sooner is always better than outright late. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are common triggers for gift giving, but some of the best gifts come at unexpected times and for reasons known only to giver and receiver. Spontaneous giving delights both. Try it!

By Robin McCoy author of Robin's Rules of Order: Principles and Practices for Your Best Nest